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GaGa for the General Will

November 9, 2010

On Nov 5th, Aubrie Marsh posted a blog that compared Lady Gaga and Al Gore to Jean Jacques Rousseau. While at first I was just going to leave my own comment onto her Blog, I had a sudden spark of interest to develop my own. Two particular comments under her blog disagreed with her comparison to Lady Gaga, and it intrigued me to respond to why I disagreed with them. Aubrie says that Lady Gaga and Rousseau are alike because they are both extravagant dressers and want to “influence the minds of people all over the world.”

Matteric9 said in response to Aubrie’s post that, “To compare Rousseau to Lady Gaga, to me, is a bit of a stretch. Rousseau had a real message to convey, he chose to make himself well known to the public as a way to establish his theory among his peers. Lady Gaga has no real message, she talks about playing Russian Roulette and talking on the telephone. The only similarities the Lady Gaga and Jean-Jacques are some of the ridiculous outfits they are both known to wear.”

This comment is what inspired me to write this.

To state that “Lady Gaga has no real message,” is very much far from the truth. Anyone who follows the actions of Lady Gaga knows that she is not only a fashion icon and singer, but is a very big supporter of the LBGT (Lesbian,Bi-Sexual,Gay, and Transgender) Community. She has been a big part of reaching out to the youth in order to repeal an act call “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” In short, DADT is a law that was passed by Congress in 1993 that mandates the discharge of openly gay,lesbian, or bisexual service members. (

Lady Gaga posted a link on addressing the senate to repeal this act. She addresses many issues and concerns about why this law should be repealed and why it is unconstitutional. The video, at this given time, has 2,171,964 views and 27,275 comments. So to say that “Lady Gaga has no real message” seems by fact to be very untrue. She is reaching out to our youth and we are responding.( Picture credit given to

You can see the video yourself at:

It’s about 7 minutes long but it is definitely worth the watch. I found it to be very informative and inspiring.

So how does this even relate to Rousseau? When thinking of this specific situation, Rousseau’s General Will and Will of All came to mind. In the beginning, I feel that this situation would fall under the Will of All because the LBGT Community has not been easily accepted. However, I feel that it is in my generation that this community will be accepted. It is now in the General Will of the people to repeal this law.According to, there is a growing military support for the repeal of DADT. 73%  of military personnel are comfortable with lesbians and gays serving in the military. It also says that younger generations don’t link job performance with sexual orientation. Besides the military, there is a growing public support for letting gays serve openly. In fact, 75% support this.

So when darriensherman says in a comment to Aubrie’s post: “ I feel her radical behaviors are to distinguish herself among other artists rather than provide her audiences with a moral message,” I must strongly disagree.Lady Gaga stands for much more than just simply being an artist. She is everything that Aubrie says she is and more.She is a voice to speak out for the rights of the LBGT. She represents the General Will of the people.

If you are interested in more information you can visit: or

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  1. Jessie Altman permalink
    November 9, 2010 8:28 PM

    First off, I think that it is a really cool idea comparing a popular icon today with Rousseau. The title immediately intrigued me and made me want to read about it. I also agree with the comparison to the extent that Lady Gaga does represent the general will of the people. Everything about her draws attention to her and thus the issues she wants to bring forth. I feel that the first blog post by Matteric9 was too quick to judge because it was comparing a famous philosopher to Lady Gaga, however when you dug deeper into the argument it actually made sense and the two did have some significant similarities.

  2. chris070310 permalink
    November 9, 2010 8:32 PM

    I found this blog to be very intriguing. Not knowing very much about Lady Gaga, she came off to me as just a diverse singer, who was different in her work by all means through pop music. However, after reading this blog and watching the video I found out Lady Gaga is more inspirational than I thought. She is a person who supports whats best for the community, by letting people be comfortable with a very important aspect of themselves and that’s their sexual orientation. If, people are willing to die for their nation, by protecting and serving through violence and force. Then by all means they should have everything that makes them comfortbale to be in their right mind to serve such a country. Who would want to risk their lives for a country, who doesn’t support a part of their life. In closing I think it’s best to repeal this act.

  3. jungle12 permalink
    November 9, 2010 8:34 PM

    You made a very interesting and strong argument in this article, and I 100% agree with you. Like Rousseau, Lady GaGa is an international figure who is using her fame to help spread awareness that matters to her most. Even though Lady Gaga dresses interesting and holds a specific image of herself, she does stand up for something important. As like Rousseau in his time, I am sure there were people who thought he was strange and weird but he still had something important to say. This world needs thought-provoking people to speak up for people who have no voice.

  4. thacarter4 permalink
    November 9, 2010 10:52 PM

    While you make some compelling argument about Lady Gaga having a message beyond music the idea that Lady Gaga is a Rousseau like character falls a little flat. Lady Gaga has used some of her popularity to speak on one, reasonably limited social issue, but she hasn’t put out any theories about government or the nature of man. It’s nice that she stands up for the LGBT movement but she isn’t a philosopher nor will she have the same impact Rousseau has had long after her death. As a side note, the movement against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell seems to be somewhat misguided. In the nineties it was a progressive policy that was designed to allow gays to serve in the military without being abused or mistreated. It represented a compromise between the military status quo and progressive politicians so it’s a little unfair that it is now being characterized as a barbaric practice designed to discriminate against gays in the military.

  5. whitneyspain permalink
    November 9, 2010 11:02 PM

    I would like to make a comment about what thecarter4 says on the DADT act being characterized as barbaric.

    Though it was initially a progressive policy to allow gays into the military, it is now becoming a Law that is forcing them out of it. Under the act it states that no research will be done to find out a persons sexual identity. Hence the Name : Dont Ask. The problem that is arising is that even when the people who serve in the military who hold up to their “Dont Tell” bargain, they are being discharged because the government is doing investigations on their sexual preference. If the government can’t gold up their end of the deal then it does indeed become barbaric. If you listen to the YouTube clip of Lady Gaga, she speaks of a gentlemen who served 12 years and was discharged. He never made any statement of his sexual preference. He only stated he was a defender of this country.People serving our country should not be judged on their sexual preference, but by the skills they bring to the table.

  6. Sara Mitchell permalink
    November 9, 2010 11:37 PM

    I really enjoyed this blog post. I never really thought of Lady Gaga as anything more than an obnoxious dresser and popular artist. After reading that she is trying to repeal the DADT law, she seems so much more relatable as a person. Relating Lady Gaga’s drive to eliminate the DADT law for the will of all to Rousseau’s general will and will of all is very creative and quite intriguing, and I do believe that this connection works. Lady Gaga does have a goal and is strongly motivated to reach it. Because a majority of the public now wants this law to be repealed, I am very much in agreement that Lady Gaga represents the general will of the people.

  7. Christine Irish permalink
    November 10, 2010 12:12 AM

    I agree, and this reminded me of something else that you might find interesting. What many people don’t realize is that Lady Gaga wins so many VMAs not because of her flashy costumes or risque dance moves. There is actually a lot of significant and intentional symbolism in each of her songs and videos. Some of it does deal with LGBT rights, but there is a lot of other serious and significant content as well. A friend of mine shared this link about the symbolism in the video Alejandro that I thought was worth looking at:

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

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