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Assange and Insurance Files

December 8, 2010

On December 7th, Julian Assange, the founder and spokesman for Wikileaks, was arrested on the alleged charges of rape, molestation, and unlawful coercion. He has since been refused bail and will remain in prison until at least the 13th of December. These are quite serious allegations against him but there are many people who believe that this maybe a set up by different enemies of Wikileaks.

Over the past few months, Wikileaks and Mr. Assange have been consistently in the news. Wikileaks has been leaking classified and secret information about basically everything. This information is open to anyone who goes to the website. There are thousands of documents with the subjects ranging from major banks, many foreign governments plans,  and even our military. Governments around the world are in uproar over this. Wikileaks has been attacked multiple times trying to shut it down but they have mirrored the site so many times that it is now impossible unless some literally shut down the internet.

hacker genius or celebrity impersonator

In the past two weeks, Assange sent out a gigantic file which has been named the “insurance files”. These files are encrypted with a 256 character code that according to experts is not possible to crack with modern day computers. If anything bad were to happen to either Julian Assange or Wikileaks, the company is prepared to release the password which could potentially have major effects on many different areas. It is believed that this document contains information on Guantanamo Bay, U.S. Banks, Saudi Arabia, and much more. These files could be terrible for the U.S. and its relations with countries around the world

People go both ways with support for Wikileaks. Some believe that we should know everything the government is doing while others believe its dangerous to have all this information out in the open. Whether our government has the right or not, should the United States government do something to stop Wikileaks if it believe its hazardous to our nations national security? I believe Machiavelli’s decision would be a no brainer. He would do whatever it takes to prevent the website from putting up my documents and would “silence” Mr. Assange. Machiavelli would also do whatever it takes to scare people from sending documents to the website by threats or worse.   As of right now, Assange in is locked up in jail and hasn’t given away the code. What do you think will happen will Julian Assange and what would other works we have done in class say about this?

  1. Sebastian S. permalink
    December 8, 2010 11:55 PM

    Personally, I feel that the American people (and the rest of the world) have the right to know what their government is up to. If Assange’s “insurance files” are released, it could potentially harm the USA’s relations with other countries; and quite frankly, there’s not much that can be done to prevent the company from releasing the files- Assange has the upper hand here. Instead of helplessly trying to shut down the website, governments around the world should investigate how the information was leaked in order to prevent this from happening again. Better yet, governments should just be honest with their citizens- but this won’t happen anytime soon.

  2. cwatson872 permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:55 AM

    I think at first glance one might suggest that Mill would support Assange. However, he isn’t really promoting any ideas he is releasing objective information that could potentially lead to immediate harm. So, I think Mill too would censor him.

  3. chrisolah permalink
    December 9, 2010 10:31 AM

    Good and interesting post! I personally do not believe the government should be able to withhold information from the public. We are supposed to be a country “for the people, by the people” and withholding important information separates and raises the government above the public when the government and the people should be on the same page and on the same level in a representative government. Also the people should know when their leaders make mistakes are do some egregious act so they can vote in someone else in the next election, this is one of our most vital checks and balances.

  4. Shauna Sitarek permalink
    December 9, 2010 10:27 PM

    Wow nice post! I lot of people have been talking about WikiLeaks, but this one in particularly is much more interesting. I agree with the second person who commented on this post, that initially I thought that Mill would have supported Mr. Assange, but after reading that he is black mailing the government, I do not think MIll would have approved of Mr. Assanges actions. I seem to remember one of Mills main points was that everyone should express them selves, speak freely and live as they pleased, as long as they did not cause harm to others and/or they live within the laws set up by society. If Mr. Assange plans on releasing information for the pure reason that he knows it would destroy the american government, then that not in accordance with Mills theory.

  5. Andrew Laing permalink
    December 9, 2010 11:30 PM

    The internet should not be regulated by any government. it is impossible to do so in any reasonable sense. China stood little chance against Google when their hackers tried to damage the site. The U.S. should never squelch free speech, no matter how it is obtained. What is in the “insurance” folder is (judging by previous leaks) undoubtably true. Therefore, i hope the documents password is released. Machiavelli’s worst nightmare would be the internet and it may be China’s too.

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