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Life as a Bourgeoisie

December 9, 2010

When looking into the Bourgeoisie in the terms of Marx and Engels got me thinking.  According to Marx and Engels the bourgeoisie are the producers who rule over the proletariat.  I got to thinking why exactly the Proletariat would have a reason to over throw the bourgeoisie.  When you look at the different scenarios, it appears that it is possible for the bourgeoisie to remain on top of the economy throughout their whole lives.

When the bourgeoisie decide to get every penny out of the Proletariat it is easy to see that the proletariat will not stand for the mistreatment.  Man has the natural ability to want more when they are not being treated fairly.  When one is not getting enough to make a happy living they will rise up in revolution.  When the proletariat rises up against the bourgeoisie, they will most likely win and in its place a new class of bourgeoisie will come into effect.  although in this case the bourgeoisie do not continue to control the economy at all times I want to look at the scenario when the bourgeoisie treat the proletariat with enough to keep them happy and whether they will rise up in revolution or not.

The Bourgeoisie has the option to treat the proletariat with respect.  When they do this, the question at hand is whether the proletariat will rise up and seek revolution.  The chances would have to be incredibly greater.  When the Bourgeoisie gives the proletariat the opportunity to have everything that they need to live a successful and happy life, i can see that revolution would be hard.  When people are happy, they do not rise up.  This scenario goes against what Marx and Engels would say through their reasoning.   Marx and Engels say that the bourgeoisie will always be taken out of power by the proletariat.  There is no explanation through Marx and Engels as to what would happen when the proletariat is happy.

Through this reasoning, i find that the theory that Marx and Engels present with the Bourgeoisie is incomplete.  There are so many different things that the bourgeoisie can do that would go against the regular path that is associated with this class.  By looking at the bourgeoisie from different angles leads me to wonder what the proletariat would do in different situations.  The only question at stake is what everyone else believes the proletariat would do, considering that we can no longer ask Marx and Engels.  So i ask now, what would you do?

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  1. December 10, 2010 1:17 PM

    The scenario of a proletariat revolution is definitely a reality, but only to a certain extent. The bourgeois control the overwhelming majority of our nations wealth and power, and will continue to have strong control for as long as this country exists. There exists, without a doubt, inequality between the elite class and the working class. The current inequality that is present in our society could definitely be reduced to a smaller gap. The ideas suggested by Marx and Engels, I believe, are irrelevant in today’s world. Due to our deeply imbedded capitalist society and our increasing participation in the process of globalization, the idea of a communist revolution is far fetched-in my mind impossible. However, I believe that the proletariat could one day wage a successful revolution and obtain a higher standard of living. Right now, the wealth in the US is controlled by a mere 1% of the entire population. This statistic is scary. If conditions become increasingly worse for the working class, I believe that they can force the elite members of society into a compromise in which the working class is granted certain benefits. The proletariat could potentially find success in seeking higher wages, better working conditions, and other intermediate steps of progress. However I believe it is unrealistic to think that one day the proletariat will overthrow the bourgeois

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