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Are we as Americans ready for Marx’s communism?

December 10, 2010


No, to put an end to this question quickly. I understand that there is a grotesque amount of people who suffer daily because they are exploited by the rich. Creating a group of people who want to overthrow the rich so they can create a society in which no one person is better. I also believe though that the middle class along with the notion that anything is attainable keeps many people working. Yes, many of those who try to achieve the ultimate prosperity will fail but, there are those who succeed are talked about. Those who are told about create a generation of believers which tries the same thing which perpetuates the whole process. This continuation of generations, in combination with the middle class being so close to the upper echelon of American society, will not allow for a revolution just yet.

Many people look at the failure of communism on many fronts and do not want any part of it. Marx tries to help the poor understand that it will be fine if one follows his way. He believes that the real communist party differs from other working class parties on two counts. First, it brings to light the interests of the whole proletariat and secondly it recognizes the proletariat’s struggle against the bourgeoisie. I believe that many people do not realize the extent of what Marx meant by each of these claims. Most people do not even know about them. They just think communism takes away private property and the government divides everything equally and eventually the citizens become disinterested and stop working. Marx in his “Communist Manifesto” is trying to change that. But, even today, which is over 160 years later, people do not understand that. Even I before I started to read Marx did not understand that communism was for the people and their wants (considering Mao in China had his own agenda and Stalin killed thousands of people of different races) not just for the destruction of the rich.

The second point that Marx made expressed that communism helped the proletariat’s struggle, the problem is that many poor people want to become rich. Many people that I have talked to and in general want to be rich more than mostly anything (just look at how many people play the lottery). The removing of capital from the world would not be good because the proletariat want to accumulate it, if possible. Also Marx wants the destruction of wages. That action in the very least would upset people because what pleases and motivates many people is receiving a raise and possibly moving up the ladder. Of course not everyone wants that thrill and to have things handed to them. Marx’s theory will immediately please those people. Capitalism at this point does motivate a lot of people through competition and self-interest. So, until people are naturally motivated by the betterment of self and the state and not just self then Communism will not be possible. I personally believe that Adam Smith was right in his assessment that people are naturally motivated through self-interest and for the most part people are interested in capital and wages. To sum up people are not willing, in America at least, to give up the minute possibility to be a part of the bourgeoisie. People do not want to work for any cause but themselves. So, do you think otherwise?


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