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Marxism in the U.S.

December 10, 2010

Strike within the United States

Although the United Sates is not often referred to as a Marxist society, if you look further into the United States, you can infer Marxist principles from different parts of society.  The Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat are terms that you do not often hear used to refer to people within the United States.  Whether you use these terms are not, it can be controversially said that these classes still exist within the United States.  When looking at the producers of our society, or the Bourgeoisie, you could say that the middle class of the United States fits this description.

The middle class of our society lives a comfortable life.  They are able to afford many luxuries and live a life without starvation and with shelter.  The middle class fits the description of the bourgeoisie in the fact that they are the producers of the society.  The middle class has grown within the United States to be renowned throughout the world.  When you think of the producers of the United States, you think of the middle class.  Now comes the issue of determining who the proletariat would be within the United States.  I believe that the proletariat would be the less fortunate people who work with little to no benefits and do not seem to get very far in life.  The proletariats naturally rise up against the bourgeoisie to get better rights and this can also be seen within the United States.  We often see strikes from people that want more for their work.  Whether people believe that they do not get good enough benefits or that they do not get paid enough, this rising up in the form of a strike is comparative to that of a revolution.

The principle’s from which the United States was set upon prevents rough occurrences within the United States.  We have ways to prevent revolutions and options for people to take in order to prevent being mistreated.  The United States allows people that are less privileged to have a chance to become successful instead of relying on the standard Bourgeoisie and proletariat system.  With all of the principles set up within the United States, it would be difficult to take advantage over others in the ways that we see in other countries.  For instance, we have a minimum wage, unemployment, and even disability in place to prevent people from getting too upset.  Whether this is a plot to prevent revolution and to keep the current people in power is up to the imagination.  The only speculation that can be done in the end is that it is evident that someone can easily refer to the United States as a Marxist society, but the evidence is not always in their favor.

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  1. Anthony Sinishtaj permalink
    January 13, 2011 4:25 PM

    This examination of America as a Marxist society is all wrong. The middle class are not the bourgeoisie of America. Since most middle class people work for a wage, and do not own the means of productions, they are the proletariat – or working class. There are some bourgeoisie that are middle class, like small business owners, but these are petty bourgeoisie according to Marxist theory. The real bourgeoisie in America are the CEOs, bank owners, and major stock shareholders. And this article speaks of the poor that seek work as the working class. How can one call an unemployed person part of the working class?

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