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TRADITION is not stopping women from their empowerment in America’s society?

December 10, 2010


In America‘s society, women are always said to be the over achievers, but do not get accounted for their work. Statistically, this is not true, (the following link shows statistics of women in the professional field as of 2006 ( ) the link shows that in 2014 women will account for 46.8% of the work force in America. That is nearly 76 million women working, which is an increase of 10.9% from 2004. There were only 65.7 million women working as of 2005, showing that women are increasing in jobs. I read a post where, they said that tradition is stopping the equality for women to be as equal as men in professional fields. What they fail to mention was women are slowly but surely taking more jobs away from males and breaking the strict masculine chains that the American society has put on them from gaining such important jobs.

In The Subjection of Women, Mill stated that women have a more intellectual mind than men, why, because they are critical thinkers. He believed that if the traditions of men, being superior than women was put on a hold and the practices that men do were allowed for women, than in fact women in general would be brought up equally and capable of understanding business, public affairs, and the higher matters of speculation; with men in the same class of society.

I believe Mill theory is right, women are now able to do the same practices as men, by going to school, having jobs, and being independent and not bound by a man through marriage and are now capable of surpassing men in their very own fields. In my discussion class, we read a text from Mill in The Subjection of Women saying that “if women were at the same level of men that men would be at a disadvantage“, you may disagree, but women are proving men wrong every day.

This video segment shows women that have changed America even with tradition holds on their success. In the future, women will soon be the majority voice of our leadership and tradition will have no boundaries for their success.

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  1. December 10, 2010 7:30 PM

    I do agree that women are making progress, but in what ways? Sure, women are becoming more prevalent in the work force and constantly proving they can perform tasks at the same level as men, but it’s not really being accredited or changing society’s overall view of females. Instead of females earning more respect from their male counterparts, who have dominant power in society, they are just pissing men off by emasculating them. Since many men have the ideology it is a woman’s place to be inferior to a man, her stepping out of this box means she is out of place, disrupting the “natural order”. I dont think men will ever see women as equal, and if they do excel beyond men, men will always find a way to undermine that accomplishment as if it was a conditional or exceptional thing that does not apply to the general female population. Men will try to justify why men are superior, no matter what accomplishments women make.

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