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Why can’t we all be Independents?

December 10, 2010

There is really only two American Presidents I believe that every American knows no matter who they are and they are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George Washington’s ideas and beliefs are so well respected that his support of the Federalists or anti-federalists could have shifted the weight of power. This brings about the question though is George Washington a Federalist or anti-Federalist. It is believed that philosophically George Washington was a Federalist with his support of ratifying the Constitution of the United States, his support of Federal Government, and his support of Alexander Hamilton’s National Finance and credit plans. These philosophies and his support of Alexander Hamilton one of the co-founders of the Federalist papers with John Jay and James Madison showed his support for the Federalist yet his warning about factions and his knowledge that this is a huge possibility with a strong central government makes him have a anti-federalist view as well. The Federalist were arguing against factions, and the fear that one of these factions would grow so large and powerful and have the capability of overthrowing the government. The Federalists feared that a faction that had too much power would actually hurt democracy by forcing its will on the good of the nation. Well this fear and George Washington’s Farewell address when he sees the formation of factions has come to fruition in a big way.

It is obvious we have factions in this country right now and since the day George Washington left office. Everybody today is either a Democrat or a Republican and in all honesty they have both grown so large they have taken over the government. You either are a Democrat or push their ideals or beliefs forward or you’re a Republican and you do the same. Every midterm or election the United States people get to choose which faction gets to take over the government. Who says that a group needs to use physical force to take over, these two groups have come so large and powerful that we ignorantly vote if we want the other faction to take over. George Washington wanted us to keep the Federalist view without factions but that is a ridiculous request and he had to know that two conflicting groups would form and try to take over power every 2 or 4 years. It is amazing that one of these factions hasn’t rejected to leave office, and try to rule, but every changing of the guards has gone peacefully. The only way to return to a government where the best ideas and traditions hold true is to get rid of the factions, but that seems impossible at this point because these factions have grown so big and strong if we tried to dismantle them it be impossible, not to mention these two factions control everything from the military to your local government. So how could you overthrow such a large organizational faction? You can’t we have to live with it. The anti-federalist may have been right thought because wouldn’t we have fifty factions instead of two, it is tough to say, but as long as these two factions rule our government won’t be doing all it can do to rule to the best of its abilities, and when that happens as Locke said we have a right to overthrow any government that isn’t serving the rights and benefit of the people. So George Washington may have been a Federalist at heart but his lack of understanding that factions would have to form has left the United States handicapped when trying to find the best plan, idea, or course of action.


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  1. arweil permalink
    March 20, 2011 3:05 PM

    I agree with your remarks on the disabling effects of factions in our government. I do believe that Republicans and Democrats have grown increasingly more extreme over the years pulling any form of independent who was somewhere close to the middle of the spectrum farther and farther to one end of the spectrum or the other. This has left no one in the middle, and has left our government in control of complete power of one faction or the other. People fail to educate themselves or conduct any form of research because they simply vote ignorantly and blindly for their faction’s candidate in order to gain control over the other faction. People have lost perspective on the true importance of individual issues and instead see only power and control for their faction that they ignorantly choose to identify with.

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