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WikiLeaks Never Would Have Happened in the Soviet Union

December 10, 2010

Well first off, they just would have killed Julian Assange. It wouldn’t have mattered, like it does to the freedom-filled U.S., that he wasn’t a citizen. Late one night the KGB would’ve bust down his door, and he would have never been heard from again.

At first I thought that Marx would think that the killing of those who oppose you is wrong due to the fact that we are all equals, but then I started to think about his ideas of everyone joining together.  He wants to get rid of “the exploitation of one part of society by the other.” I feel like this would lead him to want to punish someone who had brought shame to many people and drew lines between others. He sees unity as the force that would drive a country to excellence and, especially, productivity.

The largest unifying force in a country is the government; the leaders of the people. WikiLeaks would then be even worse in Marx’s mind because it attacks not only average people, but those who are supposed to represent the state, which holds everything together. If “the means of communication and transport”, credit, and “factories and instruments of production” are in the hands of the State and someone offers extreme criticism of it, Marx would have a problem. The biggest problem he has with the way society is now is that there are wars between the classes. If that is a problem then surely someone showing the cracks in the way things are run would cause more of a problem.

Marx describes the perfect situation as one where “the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.” This means that there can be no divides amongst the people; no one who is looked at in a better or worse way than everyone else. Because WikiLeaks shows the world the unnecessary and unsafe truth, Marx would be fine with punishing him. He would feel as if the people are not ready to know the truth because they would turn the information into anger at others which leads to the dissolution of the State. Since unity is the key to a civil society, Marx would not have issue with whatever punishment Sarah Palin could come up with.



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