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Mill and Tina Fey: a duo act for a women’s right to be funny.

April 11, 2011

Mill can be considered a women activist due to his writing of “The subjection of Women.” During his time, women were basically the property of their fathers or their husbands because they were considered to be “lesser” than males in most aspects of wife. Mill writes that “all women brought up from the very earliest years in the belief that their ideal character is the very opposite fo men…” (Mill, 659). This is somewhat true today for many women follow the stereotypes set out for them. However, a select few defy the stereotypes and end up being stronger than ever.

Career women, yet a hands on mom.

Tina Fey, a female comedian, acts as a modern day feminist by breaking the barriers between men and women through comedic relief. Her jokes act as a “form of feminists consciousness-raising” (Sittenfeld, Tina Fey and Me). Several people have this conception that men can only be funny, Yet Tina Fey has defied this stereotype. She has manage to make herself a successful career in the macho world of comedy. It is interesting to note that both men and females find her hilarious; “whether she’s sharing stories about her first period, her fluctuating weight or her experience breastfeeding, it turns out Tina Fey is strong enough for a man but pH-balanced for a woman” (Sittenfeld, Tina Fey and Me). This is a hard balance to find in the modern world. Fey makes interesting and compelling points about points about women in society today, while making me laugh out loud. She has broke the gender barrier and become one of the most successful women in society today. Through the years, Fey has hilariously and accurately imitated Sarah Palin, raised a happy family, and as she put it, managed to get paid half the amount Steve Carell got paid for their movie “Date Night.” I find her comment funny, yet interesting. A lot of women today do the same jobs men perform, however women do not get paid the same amount. Maybe because a group in society holds the stereotypes that were held during Mills time period (that women were not as intelligent or capable of the same duties as men). Does society still think women are not capable of the same jobs as men? I personally think they can do MORE than men. Women can be doctors, actors, comedians, investment bankers and on top of it all, they can carry a human being around for 9 months and then take care of a child for the rest of it’s life. Women can be strong but ethical at the same time. Its amazing what women can do, yet they are not recognized enough for how strong and intelligent they are. Tina Fey says that the rudest question you can ask a women is “how do you juggle it all?” People seem to put women on a lower pedestal than men and think they cannot accomplish the same goals in life. But in reality, they can. We have these stereotypes about women today, and these misconceptions are holding us back. Due to these preconceived notions, a female president has never been elected. I think that a female president can fix a lot of problems in the world. It is hard to know if society will stop admitting power or privilege on one side (men), nor disability on the other (women) (Mill, 653). But, we wont know until we put the stereotypes behind us and give women the chance.

Funny, yet serious.

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