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Stephen A. Smith would Love Mill

April 15, 2011

For those of you who watched ESPN a few years ago, you know exactly who Stephen A. Smith is.  For those of you that didn’t, Smith was one of the most entertaining ESPN personalities in the business.  He was known for his excessive rants and knack for being over the top when criticizing a player.  Even though a lot of what Smith said was only his opinion, it brought ESPN high ratings because it was so funny to watch him go crazy about absurd things in the sports world for no apparent reason.

This is exactly why Smith would love Mill.  Smith was often criticized for his style of announcing and for as many people there were that loved him, there were an equal amount that hated him.  Stephen A. would love Mill because Mill would support the fact that all of his rants, no matter how ridiculous they were, had a right to be said.  Mill defends the criticism that Smith faced most, the fact that a lot of his opinions were wrong.  Supporting Smith, Mill believes that having a lot of people voice their opinions is both “inevitable and indispensable” when it comes to debating (618 Mill).

ESPN ended up firing Smith because of an issue inside of the office, but the fact that he was not fired for his ridiculous opinions and craziness still amazes a lot of people.  Thanks to freedom of speech, which is for the most part based on the ideas of Mill, guys like Stephen A. Smith are able to say whatever they want and entertain the public, no matter how offensive, crazy, or disliked they actually are.

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