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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

April 18, 2011

Though we have a long way to go, there is no question that today’s society is reaching towards achieving ultimate equality for all. All voices are considered equal, our President is African-American, and there is an ever increasing amount of women scouring the business world. All these amazing feats are something that our country should take pride in and use all we’ve accomplished to help fuel a fire towards doing even bigger and better things.

In working to achieve ultimate equality, however, we must remember that respect still needs to be given to those who value traditional values along with the progressive thinkers. It seems to me that in today, if a woman decides to be a homemaker and stay at home to take care of her family, her life is seemingly less important than a woman who decides to work. Speaking as a woman, I believe it’s truly important that a woman should be given the right to work if she wishes. I do not think it’s right, however, to view a woman who decides to dedicate her life to her home as inferior. It’s interesting to me to see how much has changed over such a short period of time. It used to be that if a woman was working, it was a sign of weakness because it meant she couldn’t find a man to provide a proper home for her. Today, it seems to me that almost the opposite is true, where instead if a woman isn’t working it must mean she’s lazy or looking to just be a trophy wife. A woman can still be strong even if she chooses to stay at home and support her family. Similarly, a man shouldn’t be viewed as weak or not masculine if he chooses to be a stay at home dad. Everyone’s personal choices are circumstantial, and no one should have the right to put a value on someone’s voice because of how they choose to live their own life.

Every person has the right to choose what they want to do with their life and how they want to accomplish that. A person’s worth should not be based on what they do, but how and why they do it. Everyone’s opinion is valid and should be viewed as equal. By acting as though one voice is more important than another because of economic factors, we are working backwards. Rather than granting equality, we are instead enabling a new form of separation. Equality should never be circumstantial, but instead be pure and truly granted to everyone.

  1. jdeclaire permalink
    April 18, 2011 1:42 PM

    I found this post very interesting, and I agree with you on many points. For one, as you stated, I do not think it is right for people to “look down” upon women who choose to stay at home for a living. For my entire life, my mom has been a stay at home mom, and she does not have an “easy” job by any means. She is constantly taking care of the house, running errands for my sisters and I, and doing all of the necessary chores to ensure a safe and loving home environment. Without her, our house would be a complete mess and chaos with no organization whatsoever. Now, she does not bring in a monetary income to the house, but she contributes just as much in other ways. Her contributions are just as important to my dad’s money contributions through his working job. Some people fail to realize that there is more to life than just working and making money. As you said, equality should be granted to everyone, no matter what their profession or “lack” of profession may be.

  2. Layne Simescu permalink
    April 18, 2011 10:24 PM

    I’m going to play the devil’s advocate on this one. I don’t necessarily agree with this position or the opposite position for that matter, but these ideas would be interesting to bring up and see what people think. First of all, my mother is a single mom who raised two children. She has always worked a job, from when my brother and I were very young to present day. I personally don’t see why a married woman shouldn’t be able to work while raising her kids. She lives in a two parent household, while my mother did everything on her own. I might advocate for a married woman staying home if she had over four children to raise, but most families do not have that many children. Secondly, I think a woman should be able to work for herself and be able to spend her own earned money instead of the money her partner makes. I also think that a strong female role in the household makes a significant difference in how children are raised. If they see their mother as a strong, independent, working woman, they will be more likely to grow up as strong minded and independent adults. Thirdly, two parents should share all the household work. Each should do their part at home and each should do their part in making money. I think this is the most fair division in a household between a man and a woman. That way one person isn’t just making the money and the other person isn’t just taking care of the house and raising the kids. That also means that both mom and dad can contribute and use their own money for everyday purchases. I also think that a lot of times, and I’m not saying everyone is like this, but a lot of times, the man ends up making all the money and the wife gets to go spend that money on luxury items for herself like clothing and spa treatments. This often happens in wealthy families. It’s great that some families don’t have to worry about money and only need one person’s income, but does that mean that one of the partners gets to relax on the other’s earnings? I think everyone should work for their money, and not just get it from someone else. Even if it’s a part time job, I believe jobs are manageable for moms and should be an essential example to the kids she is raising. Again, these are not necessarily my opinions, I just wanted to point out some positions on the other side of the issue.

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